Technical data sheets

Safety data sheets for heat transfer fluids (MSDS)   German   English 
DW-Therm, M90.200.02    
DW-Therm HT, P20.340.32    
MinOil, P20.190.40    
SynOil, M10.120.08    
SilOil, P20.275.50    
SilOil, M20.195/235.20    
SilOil, M40.165/220.10    
SilOil, M60.115/200.05    
SilOil, M80.055.03    
SilOil, M80.100/250.03    
SilOil, M90.055/170.02    
MEG, #10656/6170/6171    
Algae protection, #6172      
  More information: Flyer 'Heat Transfer Fluids'      
Other data sheets   German    English 
Setting-up Huber temperature control units    
Clean room capacity of Huber temperature control units    
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)    

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