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Semiconductor / Electronics

High-precision temperature control solutions for semiconductor / electronics production

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Highly accurate temperatures for precise manufacturing conditions

Highly accurate, reproducible temperatures are a crucial factor in the production of microelectronics and semiconductors. Our process thermostats and coolers are ideally suited for numerous applications in electronics and semiconductor production. The heating and cooling systems offer many advantages:

  • Highly accurate, reproducible temperatures
  • Dynamic control behavior
  • Fast heating and cooling
  • Circulation pumps with high pressure and flow capacity
  • Operation with electrically non-conductive fluids, e.g. Galden
  • Reliable technology and robust design

In the fields of semiconductors and electronics, our temperature control units are used, for example, for the temperature control of etching baths for the wet-chemical production of wafers and microchips. Other applications include metal organic vapor deposition (MOCVD) in semiconductor deposition and temperature-dependent functional and material testing of electrical and electronic components and functional assemblies using non-conductive thermofluids such as Galden or FC77.

Our temperature control equipment ensures highly accurate and constant temperatures in the manufacturing process of electronic components and semiconductors. In the demanding production processes for the ever-shrinking microcircuits, reproducible temperatures are an essential factor for consistent manufacturing quality. Our temperature control technology is known for reliable and highly accurate temperature control in numerous industrial sectors. Process thermostats and coolers improve efficiency and quality in the production of microelectronics and semiconductor components.

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Whether heat exchanger, sensor options or automation - we design individually suitable solutions tailored to your applications.

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