Ministat 125

Ministat 125

Compact cooling bath circulation thermostat

Model: Ministat 125 Group: 2 Order No.: 2014.0011.01 E-class: 32-09-01-17
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Performance Characteristics

Huber Ministats are the smallest cooling circulator in the world. Their small dimensions allow Ministats to be placed in the smallest of spaces, for example in a laboratory fume cupboard or inside technical plant. Despite their minimal size the systems are extensively fitted out and offer sufficient performance for temperature control of photometers, refractometers, viscometers, distillation apparatus, reaction vessels and mini-plants. The main applications are using external applications however the bath opening allows objects to be thermoregulated directly in a thermostat bath. A powerful pressure/suction pump with an infinitely controlled rotational speed ensures optimal circulation. The maximum pressure can also be regulated by an optional pressure sensor, meaning that sensitive glass reactors and apparatus can reliably be protected from breakage. Additionally, Ministats offer the Pilot ONE controller as standard with a colour TFT display and comfortable operator guidance. Analogue connections according to NAMUR are available via the optional Com.G@te module allowing Ministats to integrate into plant and process control systems.

Functions overview

  • Pilot ONE controller with Plug & Play technology
  • Precise temperature control
  • 5.7“ touchscreen and comfortable menu navigation
  • Overtemperature and low level protection
  • Safety class III/FL (DIN 12876)
  • Powerful pressure/suction pump
  • Programmer with calendar and clock functions
  • 2-point calibration
  • Pt100 sensor connection

Product impressions


The new multi-touch controller Pilot ONE offers a brilliant 5.7" touchscreen with graphic functions and a comfortable navigation menu. All important operating parameters and temperature values are neatly displayed on the touchscreen. Thanks to the new favourites menu, the one-click operation and the integrated technical glossary the operation is very easy, just like on a smartphone. Integrated USB and Ethernet ports allows connection to a PC or network, e.g. for remote control or data transmission.

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Temperature range -25...150 °C
Temperature stability ±0,02 K
Controller Pilot ONE
Safety class III / FL
Protection class IP20
Dimensions (W x D x H) 225 x 370 x 429 mm
Weight, net 25 kg

Heating capacity 0,9 - 1 kW
Cooling capacity
100 0,3
20 0,3
0 0,21
-10 0,15
-20 0,05



Refrigeration machine air-cooled, natural refrigerant
Refrigerant 1st stage R290 (A3, H220)
Refrigerant quantity 1st stage 0,066 kg

Delivery capacity pressure pump max. 22 l/min; 0,7 bar
Delivery capacity suction pump max. 16 l/min; 0,4 bar
Pump connection M16x1 AG male
Max. permissible viscosity 50 mm²/s
Pump speed adjustable Yes
Pump characteristics Pressure and suction pump, variable speed

External sensor connection Pt100
Interface digital Ethernet, USB (Host u. Device), RS232

Permissible ambient temperature 5...35 °C
Sound pressure level 47 dB(A)
Bath opening WxD/BD 178 x 80 / 120
Bath volume 2,7 l
Filling volume min. 2,1 l
Power supply 220-240V 1~/2~ 50/60Hz
Current consumption max. 6 A

Please take further technical information as well as information about the scope of delivery, accessories and peripheral devices from the PDF data sheet. In cases of doubt the details given in there apply. If nothing to the contrary is quoted then the performance data referred is at an ambient temperature of 20°C.

Please observe the notes on installation and/or the space requirements of our products.

The following voltage and frequency tolerances apply based on EN60034-1:
Voltage +/- 5% for a frequency tolerance at the same time of +/- 2%

Examples to illustrate this: Not permissible, for example. is -5% on the voltage and +2% on the frequency. Permissible, on the other hand, are tolerances of -5% on the voltage and -2% on the frequency.

We reserve the right to make technical changes and correct errors. Illustrations can deviate from the original.


Control panel extension cable for Pilot ONE

Com.G@te internal

Hose, pressureless, FKM-200-NW12

Adapter M16x1 f- M24x1,5 m

Wall bracket Pilot ONE

Table stand Pilot ONE

E-grade "Exclusive"

E-grade "Professional"

Trolley for Ministat 125/125w

Hose MT-200-1-M16x1

Hose MT-200-1,5-M16x1

Hose MT-200-2-M16x1

Hose MT-200-3-M16x1

90° Adaptor M16x1 female - M16x1 male

Temperature sensor PT100, open, Ø 8 mm, 170 mm

Adapter M16x1 f- R 1/2 f

Factory calibration certificate – temperature stability to DIN 12876

Hose MT-350-3-M16x1

Heat transfer fluid M90.055/170.02

Heat transfer fluid M90.055/170.02

Heat transfer fluid M80.100/250.03

Heat transfer fluid M80.100/250.03

Extension cable for temperature sensor

Drain hose, pressureless, T-180-NW8

Drain hose, pressureless, T-180-NW12

Adapter M16x1 f - M16x1 f

Adapter M16x1 f - R1/2 m

Adapter M16x1 f - G3/4 f

Insulated sleeving internal-Ø 42mm

Insulated sleeving / f. tube NW12

Drain valve

Testing protocol FAT (Final Acceptance Test

Temperature sensor PT100, closed, Ø 8 mm, 400 mm

Hose, pressureless, PVC-60-NW12

Hose, pressureless, PVC-60-NW8

Hose, pressureless, NBR NW12

Hose, pressureless, NBR NW8

Hose, pressureless, S-180-NW12

Hose, pressureless, S-180-NW8

Hose, pressureless, FKM NW8

Insulated sleeving/price per m D:15

Insulated sleeving

Hose MT-350-1-M16x1

Hose MT-350-1,5-M16x1

Hose connector M16x1, NW 8

Hose connector M16x1, NW 12

Securing nut M16x1

Ball valve, M16x1

Temperature sensor PT100, closed, Ø 6 mm, 200 mm

Hose MT-350-2-M16x1

Temperature sensor PT100, closed, Ø 6 mm, 180 mm

Heat transfer fluid P20.225/275.50

Heat transfer fluid P20.225/275.50

Heat transfer fluid M20.195/235.20

Heat transfer fluid M20.235.20

Heat transfer fluid M40.165/220.10

Heat transfer fluid M40.165/220.10

Heat transfer fluid M60.115/200.05

Heat transfer fluid M60.115/200.05

Heat transfer fluid M80.055.03

Heat transfer fluid M80.055.03

Heat transfer fluid MEG

Heat transfer fluid MEG

Adapter M16x1 f - M30x1,5 m

Welding end M16x1

Calibration insert Ministat 125

Displacement insert Ministat 125 / 125w

Drain valve, universal

Factory calibration certificate – absolute accuracy

Profibus Gateway DP-V1 (external, for Pilot ONE)

E-grade OPC-UA

POKO/ECS interface for units with Pilot ONE

Mounting bracket for wall mounting of Pilot ONE

Manually adjustable bypass M16x1 with connection for manometer

Touchpen for Pilot ONE

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