The new UNISTAT generation – sustainable and with a 4-year guarantee


Huber presents new Unistat process circulators – now with CO2 refrigerant. The original, reworked! Peter Huber Kältemaschinenbau SE has revised the Unistat temperature control systems and expanded them with the latest technologies. The concept, which has been established for decades, is now even more efficient and sustainable and offers a 4-year guarantee. Numerous models are now also available as ‘Green Line’ versions with CO2 refrigerant (R-744). These units have a refrigeration circuit with zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP = 0), negligible Global Warming Potential (GWP = 1) and the refrigerant is non-flammable. The ‘Green Line’ models are a 100% environmentally friendly and future-proof alternative to comparable appliances using synthetic refrigerants. The Huber product range covers the entire spectrum from laboratory to production with natural refrigerants which is unique in the field of liquid temperature control!

Another innovation with the Unistats is the reduced internal filling volume, which means that significantly shorter heating and cooling times can be achieved. With this improvement in "time-to-temperature" and response times, processes can be carried out more efficiently in a shorter time. The units are now equipped with a state-of-the-art, magnetically coupled circulation pump with high flow rates ensuring optimum heat transfer to the application. In addition, improved functions for venting and degassing have been integrated, ensuring fast commissioning and trouble-free operation.

The safety concept and the interface modules have also been revised. All safety features comply with performance level C or higher (DIN EN ISO 13849-1). For optimum connectivity, the new ‘Com.G@te DIGITAL’ is included as standard. It features the most common digital interfaces and offers improved measurement accuracy for temperature detection. The connections can be expanded at any time via additional modules and gateways – with the optional ‘Com.G@te PLUS’ also with analogue interfaces.

Further advantages of the hydraulically sealed Unistats are wide temperature ranges without fluid changes. No oil vapours or oxidation of the heat transfer fluid (HTF), extending the service life of the HTF. Unistats also boast sustainable energy management with extremely low power and water consumption resulting in a noticeable reduction in operating costs. The housing design reduces the footprint of the Unistats, resulting in smaller space requirements in often already congested laboratories or production environments.

Another unique selling point is the extended warranty period of 4 years – which has been valid for all Huber temperature control units since the beginning of 2024. All it takes to extend the warranty is a one-off registration using the serial number of the unit within 3 months from the delivery date.

Unistat process circulators are the ideal solution for demanding temperature control tasks in thermal process engineering. Offering cooling powers from 0.48 to 130 kW, the devices are predestined for professional scale-up from the research laboratory to production.

Advantages of the new Unistat process circulators at a glance:

  • Powerful, seal-free circulation pump with magnetic coupling
  • All safety circuits Performance Level C or higher (DIN EN ISO 13849-1)
  • Improved temperature control speed due to reduced filling volume
  • Expandable interface connectivity
  • Improved venting and degassing
  • Higher measuring accuracy for temperature detection
  • Reduced footprint for lower space requirements