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Companies from the automotive industry find an ideal partner in Huber, which offers a solution for every requirement thanks to flexibility in the product portfolio. Whether testing individual materials or highly complex systems, Huber's temperature control units help to create realistic conditions in the test bench. Temperatures can be controlled via liquid media directly or

indirectly to the test rig. Flow and working pressure are precisely controlled so that tests at constant temperatures as well as at complex temperature profiles are possible. Huber temperature control units are the solution for individual requirements from the automotive industry with a large variability, enormous accuracy and absolute quality.

External heat exchangers for separating the fluid circuits of the temperature control unit and the application allow indirect operation with almost all temperature control fluids (e.g. in case of viscosity problems, material incompatibilities).

Support of common data communication standards and software solutions for data logging, remote control and programming. Interfaces: e.g. Profibus, Modbus TCP, Ethernet, OPC-UA, RS232, RS485, USB, Analog.

Various pump options and optional booster pumps allow flexible adaptation of pressure output and flow rate to the respective application.

Direct operation with water-glycol as the temperature control medium is possible with many Unistats, as is the use of electrically non-conductive liquids (e.g. 3M Novec).

Large selection of sensors for temperature measurement and control at almost all relevant points within the application as well as in the flow and/or return.

VPC bypasses and various flow meters allow precise measurement and control of pressure output and flow rate.

Quick-release fasteners make it easier to change the application on the temperature control unit. Only low pressure losses ensure good performance of the overall system.

Various expansion vessels are available as accessories to compensate for temperature-related volume changes.

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