Responsibility for the environment

Environmental friendly refrigeration technology

Our product range enables us to be the ecological trendsetter concerning environmental protection since almost all models are already available with natural refrigerants at no extra cost. Our products are made from high quality recyclable materials. Water cooled Unistats and Unichiller feature an ultralow cooling water consumption, consuming one third the water of conventional systems.

Mission "Environment plus"
1980   First cooling thermostats with hydrocarbons as "natural" refrigerant.
1982   The first intelligent refrigerated circulators with cooling power adjustment and water-cooled refrigeration with water-saving energy management.
1993   First to convert to non CFC refrigerants. 7 years before the legal phase out.
1994   First to convert to non H-CFC refrigerants. 6 years before the legal phase out.
2006   Refrigeration thermostats with the option "natural refrigerant“ in accordance with the regulations of the global greenhouse policy of F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG.
2009   Environmental friendly cooling with CO2 refrigeration machines in accordance with the regulations concerning the global greenhouse policy of F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG.
2010   Process heat coupling: Unistats are combined with existing primary energy sources such as steeam, cooling water or liquid nitrogen.
2012   Changeover (voluntary) to energy-saving IE3 motors for the circulation pumps.
2014   Certification according to the ECOfit programme of Baden-Wurttemberg for industrial environmental protection. Measures successfully carried out: saving of water, reduction of waste volume, reduction of the energy demand and a reduced CO2 emission.
2016   Introduction of the energy management system based on EN 16247 to recognize the saving possibilities. Continuation of the ECOfit programme. We were honoured with the Environmental Award of Baden-Wurttemberg.
2018   Introduction of climate-friendly chillers with CO2 as natural refrigerant.

Energy saving at Tango factory

Not only cooling technology, we also organize our enterprise processes from purchasing of materials through to manufacturing as an ecologically responsible and resource-friendly processes. In our company’s building in Offenburg were also realised several measures to save the energy. 

  Photovoltaic 70 kWp
            LED-Lighting with movement sensors
  100% Ecological electricity
from water power
  Highly efficient state of the art insulation
High insulation Glazing with
minimum K-values

Ground water used for cooling and heating
through the heat exchanger
Heat recovery from FAT Testing    Energy management software to identify
potential savings


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